FTW Entertainment is a production company dedicated to bringing the artistic vision of a community to life.

If you have a personal story to tell, one that is in concert with FTW’s values of inclusion, reason, and empathy, we can help make it a reality.

From production to promotion, writing, editing, directing, casting, finding the resources with a crew and a stage and equipment, FTW is your best source for making your creative dream a reality.

If you have a script ready, we can work with you to build a team that will realize your vision, be it in theater, short film, or feature length. If you have only the beginnings of an idea, we want to develop it so that you feel like your story is told in your voice by professionals who care about your message.



FTW Education is dedicated to improving communication and understanding across the world through classwork, individual services, and learning resources.

In partnership with LCI Language Centers, www.englishlci.edu, FTW provides language classes to improve communication skills in different countries and cultures. Through these classes we provide the world community with the tools that they need to advance and excel, so that they can become global citizens and community leaders.

We also provide translation services for groups and individuals who are looking to reach out across the language barrier to promote their ideas. Whether you need your voice translated or simply strengthened in a non-native language, we can help create a message that is true to your own language while being effective in the rhetoric of another.

Through online blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, FTW Education provides seminars that teach about the great minds of the past and how their work can be applied towards today’s needs in building bridges and understanding. If you want to learn more of Aristotle’s teachings and how they have paved the road for the world today, or why Shakespeare’s stories are powerful enough to still be explored, FTW Education aims to provide you with clear and factual means to apply reason and critical thinking in better understanding human behavior.

Through our seminars, we explore how empathy and reason are intertwined and vital to the prosperity of humanity as a whole. We go beyond the simplicity of a history lesson, not only discussing the value of a great thinker in history, but also discuss why such values matter, and what those values can teach us in our empathetic, reasonable, free-thinking life.


FTW Partnerships works in combination with brother and sister organizations that share our values and our vision. These organizations can be in the world of the arts, athletics, science, philanthropy, and more. In short, if your organization is dedicated to the values of reason, empathy, and inclusion, we are happy to discuss how we might work together to make meaningful things happen.

Current partners of FTW Partnerships include:

Namastage - www.namastage.com - Namastage is an arts and events organization founded in San Diego, California, now based in Bend, Oregon, and devoted to using the power of arts to heal and inspire the world.

The New Works Playhouse
www.thenewworksplayhouse.org - The New Works Playhouse is an online-based theatrical company devoted to providing creatives a global collaborative platform. Writers and performers develop online table reads and multiple-space performances that are available to audiences at a pay-what-you-can rate.

Athlos World - www.athlosfoundation.com - Athlos World is a global organization devoted to working with refugee athletes of special needs. Through its work, Athlos hopes to provide refugee athletes a higher quality of life and a stage worthy of their competition and ability.