"Uniting the world through the power of reason, empathy, and storytelling"

The guiding mission of Free Thinkers of the World is to enrich all people and bring them closer together. We work to unite through a philosophy of evidence-based, rational thought, as told by great thinkers, powerful artistic endeavors, and humanistic scientific advancement. We actively promote full inclusion, empathetic reason, and the ideals of peace, love, and respect towards all peoples.

We believe that a person’s quality is determined by their actions rather than their genetics, their nationality, or their religion. We also believe that each person’s individual upbringing comes with invaluable experiences that are a gift to be shared with others - and that a person’s spirituality and philosophy should be treated with the utmost respect. By applying the values of science and reason to our arts and our community, we at Free Thinkers of the World work to create a future that is not for one tribe, one belief, one classification of human being, but for everyone.