Free Thinkers of the World, FTW, is a global organization where open discourse and progressive thinking can help the people of the world understand each other better through the development of personal stories told for stage and film.

As primitive peoples sat in circles hunting and protecting their tribes, their elders would try to explain the nature of things through mythology: the sun and the moon became gods, the earth a mother, the animals’ spirits of mischief and magic.

As mankind’s world developed from tribe to civilization, founders of modern thought created philosophy and science, and explained the world based on what was observed. Mathematics developed as a core reasoning to calculate and engineer great steps in our development. As the logistical sciences built the literal bridges of the world, the philosophical sciences tried to build bridges of universal understanding by creating a worldview through concepts like Stoicism, Cynicism, and Platonism.

Over the centuries, mankind developed the logistical and philosophical sciences with an evolving method that became known as the scientific method. Though many Free Thinkers of the past employed the scientific method, its development can be considered as the product of a wealth of contributions from all of them rather than the sole work of any one Free Thinker. Aristotle, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Einstein and many more great minds of history are all credited with their contributions to the scientific method we know today.

However, we are still evolving as a species- the wisdom passed down to explain the universe by our first tribal method has often considered the scientific method to be in conflict with tpreconceived conclusions and mythology. The stories of old have crystallized in many communities as sacred works, and any thought that does not agree with those works is considered antagonistic. The scientific method, to those who would teach sacred thoughts, is the enemy of mysticism and unproven beliefs sent to undermine the authority of their leaders.

At FTW, we recognize the wisdom of our past communities, wisdom that has helped humanity reach the global community it is today. We also recognize that this global community has caused a clash of many such tribal beliefs which consider themselves hostile to the others. We want the teachings of our elders to inform us and add to the great contribution of humanity - to serve their purpose as they were meant to: by helping others in our community, and in doing so, helping our global community rise as a whole.

Each Free Thinker has increased the wealth of knowledge and improved global living standards.

Each Free Thinker has increased the wealth of knowledge and improved our global living standards. And now, we wish to devote our energy to helping the world grow together. We believe that science and reason are our greatest tools in truth telling. We believe that the arts are a means of communication that can cross barriers of language and culture and help the world grow in understanding and in peace.